Replacing Google Play with Alternative App Store
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Google Play is installed by default on most Android devices, it helps you install Android apps. If you are considering replacing Google Play with an Alternative App Store, you need to understand both sides of the story. 

Google Play is perhaps the easiest way to install apps on your Android devices. Unlike iOS, you can also easily drop it and go for another app store. Over the years though it has been the undisputed app store champ for apps, games, music, and movies. 

Things to consider before replacing Google Play with Alternative App Store

1. Google is a Powerful Company

Google is a reckoning force on the internet, it also happens to be the company that runs the app store with a great deal of power over the software we use. Which makes it powerful to decide which app to get on its app store and which ones to take down.

As a result of this one morning, you may suddenly discover one of your favorite apps disappear without prior notice. The company has earlier also been penalized for its monopolistic practices.

2. Google Play is not Private

If you are thinking the Google Play store is private, that is not the case as it logs every app you install. 

You can always access the library to check which apps you have installed on your Android device. Though you can manually remove those which are tied to your account.

Google requires you to tie up your account information as that is how it is designed to function to make your apps automatically download when you switch to a new device.

As a result of this, there is no way you can disable this functionality.

3. You want to Quit Google Play

Once you have made the decision to quit Google Play there is not much Google can do about it. Though you need to remember you cannot use Google Play service without signing in, unlike Google Maps or YouTube.

You can replace it with a new App store or continue using your Smartphone with access to Google Play Store. 

4. Google Play Store does not host all Apps

Google Play Store does offer a wide range of Android Apps but that does not mean it offers all the apps out there. 

Google App Store policy ensures apps follow its terms and conditions, some tend to disappear as a result of not following the rules. While some apps only work on custom ROMs or rooted devices fail to make it on Google App Store. 

Some of the apps are not available on Google Play Store as a result of regional restrictions. 

To overcome these shortcomings while using Google Play you can choose to go for an alternative app store or even decide to download and install the APK manually.

Why not Quit Using Google Play Store?

We have already discussed why you may consider replacing Google Play Store with an Alternative Store App. But is it really worth doing so as it comes with risks and downsides when you leave Google’s secure community?

1. Unknown Sources to Deal with

When using third-party app stores you require access to software from unknown sources. This may lead to installing malicious apps. Google Play Store on the other hand does not allow you to directly install APK.

Google made this significant change since the arrival of Android 8 Oreo. Google now permits only a handful of apps to install APKs. This goes to ensure your smartphone is protected from malware and worms while you accept email attachments of rouge APK to download a game etc.

2. Safety issues with Other App Stores

No one is perfect, Google does occasionally fail to deliver when it comes to keeping its store safe and secure. Having said that, it still is a relatively safe place to download software. Bad actors are constantly trying new ways to exploit the Google Play environment with tracking and apps requesting permission more than they need to exploit the user’s smartphones.

Given the track record over the years, Google Play Store is far better in terms of security when compared to many other app stores around.

3. Not Enough Apps available

If you think moving over to another App store will give you access to many more apps you are grossly wrong. Google App Store has most of the apps you would want to have on your smartphone, from video game apps, wearable apps, modern car apps, and much more.

Comparatively, you will quickly get bored with other app stores given the limited choice of apps available on it.

4. Conflicts during Updates

Alternative App stores tend to offer different versions of apps that appear on Google Play. With the version number not matching it becomes difficult to get updates for the same.

It is not easy to keep track of updates available when using the Alternative App Store, unlike Google Play Stores where it’s all organized. Keeping track of your update on the Google Play Store is relatively easy compared to when you install alternate app stores.

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