Vivo Launches A Smartphone with its Own Imaging Chip
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Just ahead of the much-awaited iPhone launch Vivo launches a smartphone with its own imaging chip. Vivo launched its latest X70 smartphone series, it includes a self-designed V1 photo and video chip, a step forward by the manufacturer towards custom silicon.

As everyone eagerly waits for the Apple Inc event anticipated on Sept 14, Vivo is ready with three devices which include the top-tier X70 Pro+ built around the custom chip and a Qualcomm Inc. Snapdragon 888 processor with integrated 5G and six months ago the phone maker introduced the X60 series. Following the trend of other Chinese brands Xiaomi Corp. and Oppo, Vivo has switched to an accelerated launch cadence. The company has invested heavily in camera hardware and is pushing to fill the void in the market left by Huawei Technologies Co.

Apple on the other hand has managed to stay different with its own brand of A-series processors. Tailor-made to work optimally with its own iOS software. Earlier Huawei had also done a similar thing with i8ts HiSilicon design. Google on the other hand tried to match with its Tensor processor you can get to see with the launch of its next Pixel phone later in the year.

Apple is getting some serious competition from Android players considering the current shift to customize the inner workings of devices reflects years of development behind the scenes. Vivo has spent nearly 2 years behind the designing of its V1 chip, while Google took nearly 4 years to develop its Tensor processor.

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