Why Buyers Are Skipping iPhone 13 And Waiting For iPhone 14
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More and more buyers are skipping iPhone 13 and waiting for iPhone14. According to Bloomberg, the global chip shortage and supply crunch ahead of the holiday season have taken its toll on Apple resulting in the weakening of the iPhone 13 demand.

The report mentions though there is a projected sales increase of 6% in the final quarter, it is not what Apple has expected. The production of the iPhone 13 has already been cut down to 10 million units by Apple due to a shortage of components. 

Demand for iPhone 13 Weakens

Apple offers US exclusive online store offers with tons of options. Buyers in the US can give their old iPhones and claim a discount on the new ones. Though this year the waiting period for customers to lay their hands on iPhone 13 has proved to be a major deterrent.

With the wait times for the iPhone 13, the Pro lineup gone down from one month to two weeks in the US may have salvaged a few sales for Apple. Though many users have preferred to skip iPhone 13 and wait for iPhone 14.

iPhone 13 has received an incremental improvement over the iPhone 12, though these have not impressed many users. The latest iPhone does features a small notch though it looks almost similar to the iPhone 12.

An identical case where the iPhone X, XR, and iPhone 11 lineup look the same from the front, though the camera bump distinguishes them. Given the similarities between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, we think the former offers a better deal as the prices drop further next year. 

If you are thinking of skipping the current model though, it may not be a wise decision as the upcoming iPhone is still a year away. This means you will have to wait unless you can make do with your current phone before then.

So what is your decision this year, will you skip the iPhone 13 for iPhone 14? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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