Why you Don’t Need to Buy Apple iPhone 13
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The recent launch of the Apple iPhone 13 may tempt you to buy one. But have you considered why you don’t need to buy Apple iPhone 13? To be honest most of the new gadgets rolled out with some sugar-coating and hype.

Things are not different as the latest Apple iPhone 13 is said to be 40% faster and 10% lighter which makes it a go-get smartphone for everyone out there. Do you realize at the end of the day you are never going to sit down and measure your iPhone screen, compare it with its older models, or actually check if it does have 20% better graphics thanks to the 6 core GPU?

The stats are presented in such a way there is no way a consumer is going to ignore them, literally even if they wanted to.

We bring you our honest opinion of the Apple iPhone 13 with no technical jargon, no over-complicated charts, just simple facts.

With the Covid pandemic slowing down businesses worldwide, the shortage, and with higher demand projections by Apple next year expecting people who bought iPhone 11 and 12 will want to upgrade to the iPhone 14. Earlier last year Apple introduced 5G and MagSafe.Why you Don’t Need to Buy Apple iPhone 13What’s new with Apple iPhone 13?

If you are expecting major changes, the notch is now slightly smaller, though still noticeable. You get a bigger battery, the chip is a bit better, the camera has got better as you can shoot cinematic videos when the focus shifts from one subject to another just like in movies, and also got the night mode. It is environmentally friendly as it uses plastic from recycled bottles to produce antenna strips.

The iPhone 13 and 13 mini are 20% less in size and have a slightly smaller notch compared with iPhone 12 and 12 mini released last year. According to Apple the new camera layout on the back and the new digital layout adds more space between two lenses which makes it possible to have a bigger internal sensor. This means this year’s iPhone 13 comes with a camera as good as last year’s 12 Pro, impressive as cameras are getting better every year.Why you Don’t Need to Buy Apple iPhone 13-2The new A15 Bionic chip powers iPhone13 and 13 mini, though with a slightly larger battery and houses a strong Ceramic-Shield glass on the front. Not only are the antenna strips at the side of the phone made from recycled plastic but recycled rare earth magnets, tungsten, gold, and other materials used in the phone. The latest iPhones will support 5G and MagSafe like its predecessors, will be available in 5 colors, and shipped without a charger.

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max come in a shimmering stainless steel body and glass front and back. At the front, it has a smaller notch while the back is identical. The Pro series get 3 lenses, which Apple claims have made changes to all three of them. Apart from the Night Mode and the capturing of incredible shots irrespective of the lighting, a notable upgrade to the iPhone camera capabilities is the addition of Macro photography. This feature allows you to zoom in on really small subjects to capture tiny details.

The new Cinematic Mode in the new cameras on the iPhone 13 and 13 mini can automatically and intelligently shift focus subject to subject while you’re taking a video, Hollywood style.

Video Shoot in Cinematic Mode

So do you think the latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are game-changers, we doubt? Yes, no doubt they are better than before in terms of features and functionality. But is that the only reason to make an upgrade absolutely necessary?. So if you are considering lining up outside an Apple Store for an upgrade, you would be better off sitting out this year.

If you dig deep, apart from the slightly smaller notch there is not much on offer unless you want a longer battery. This you can still manage to achieve by buying the MagSage battery pack for $99.

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