Arvizio Immerse 3D
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Now you can understand how your drone mapped 3D models or point clouds would look like in an augmented reality environment using Arvizio Immerse 3D

It is not easy to visualize data sets produced by aerial photogrammetry or LiDAR AR headsets, iPad or Android tablets, and iPhone and Android mobile devices, as they are pretty large.

The software developer, Arvizio is known for 3D visualization and AR/VR software for real-time collaboration across geographies. The latest software developed offers compatibility for drone data in its Immerse 3D solution.

Immerse 3D offers a multi-user, multi-site, 3D model visualization platform that is optimized for complex BIM, CAD, LiDAR, and photogrammetry models. It allows you to stream industrial-scale data over the wide-area network (WAN). It is also capable of leveraging the GPU power of the user’s PC, server, or cloud-based virtual machine.

The software allows you to collaborate with multiple users and work on the content using platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. No need to develop custom application software to cater to such requirements.

With Immerse 3D you can not only add complex LiDAR scans, 3D aerial photogrammetry, and point clouds, but also documents, images, and other project data to be included in AR digital twins.

Arvizio Immerse 3D
Arvizio Immerse 3D

Arvizio Immerse 3D Key Features

  1. Optimization of complex 3D Models
  2. Hybrid rendering for point clouds and mesh models
  3. Real-time session and sharing services
  4. Extensive range of formats for BIM, CAD, LiDAR, photogrammetry
  5. Integration of project documents, images and IoT data
  6. Multi-party synchronized 3D experiences across multiple devices
  7. Local and remote model markup
  8. Multi-user collaboration, audio bridging, and avatar representation
  9. BIM 360 model import
  10. Measurement and alignment tools