Best Free Templates for Microsoft Word and LibreOffice
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We bring you the best free templates for Microsoft Word and LibreOffice in this article. Microsoft Word has been a game-changer for college students and business professionals ever since it arrived on the scene in 1983. This literally meant the end of the typewriting era as people could use the word processors to get better results. 

Microsoft Word offers a full-service suite that enables you to create any document from resumes to dinner menus. You may have to shell out some money for Microsoft Office, however, you can always try these powerful and free alternatives. Microsoft saves you time as you don’t need to be an expert and there is no need to create something from scratch. 

The wordprocessor features a number of templates that allow you to create just about anything you want. That’s not all there are more templates to choose from than just the ones Microsoft has. You can try out some of the free templates for Microsoft Word and LibreOffice

There are thousands of options available out there to create a masterpiece in Word. If you are a student you can save yourself time using these research paper templates depending on your writing style and topic.

Business owners also don’t need to worry, you’ve got newsletters, menus, and even catalogs to choose from. As we proceed you will learn more about the free templates available to you.

Microsoft Office

Before we begin, we would like to mention the premium options offered by Microsoft Office. It does make sense to pay for the upgrade as it does offer some great template options with it along with the free options. 

There are hundreds of categories to choose from, including animation and 3D choices. Also, check out the excellent selection of holiday templates to create your next family card or newsletter just in time for Christmas.

No need to worry this Xmas to create Holiday Gift Coupons, simply download any of Microsoft’s free templates, click on the picture, and download. is yet another place to hunt for free WordPress Templates. It offers free templates not only for Word but dozens of other programs like Google docs and more. 

If you intend to create a wedding invitation, it offers you these templates for Microsoft Word. It will save you time for the big day, simply download the template by clicking on the picture and clicking Download Now.


Vertex42 offers a wide range of free templates, nearly 42000 for download on its site. The collection may seem to be limited when compared to others, yet it offers high-quality options. It is an excellent business option for users to choose invoice templates and full scan business plans, enabling even the most amateur entrepreneur to look professional.

Simply click on the document you want to download and tap the Download button for your preferred program, as it also offers you to choose templates for Exc.

Layout Ready 

Layout Ready is identical to Microsoft Office as it offers both free as well as premium templates. So in case you don’t want to spend money, stick with the free edition. With very few sites offering a free option this is perhaps the best, especially if you are looking to create tri-fold brochures and restaurant menus. These options are professionally done and offer more than just traditional choices.

Simply click the template photo, view the size and other details, and click free download to get your copy. 


Hloom offers a number of choices for templates, especially if you are looking to create some stunning resumes. You can create a perfect resume from the homepage or choose from thousands of CV and cover letter templates.

The Custom template offers you a traditional resume with a flair for modern design. You can also select Christmas Coupons for the holiday spirit. Download any of the templates, pick a design you want, and download. 

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