Best VPN Service - IVACY VPN
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Privacy has become a major concern in modern times. This is where the best VPN service – IVACY VPN can be a game-changer. This problem has escalated with the passage of time as the internet became a requirement in our lives. The World Wide Web has acquired a crucial position in our lives due to which lack of privacy, concerns over spying and intrusion have become very important.

Moreover, these concerns are like unwanted attention and they can lead to feelings of being afraid, harassed, and anxious, and this is why there is a need for these issues to be countered. There are multiple options to counter these and VPN is one of them. There are various services available in the market but not all of them are credible & firewalled enough.

One of the best VPN services which certainly stands out among the rest is Ivacy VPN. The program provides a moment of truth for users, as it not only caters to privacy concerns but also provides immaculate customer service. Also, there are other benefits that Ivacy offers to its customers.


Commitments are not only to be made, but they also need to be fulfilled and this is something Ivacy believes in. Users are allowed to download, watch & surf whatever they want without any fear of being spied upon or the threat of intrusion. This can get the user into troubled waters. Ivacy promises to holistically cover all of the threats which can cause distress to the user.

Ivacy’s features like the Internet Kill Switch instantly shuts down access to the internet if he or she gets disconnected from the VPN server. Also, to add further efficiency to the VPN, Ivacy was the first to introduce the concept of Split Tunneling which lets the user split and prioritize the data traffic according to his requirements. This lets the user route any official data through the VPN tunnel while the rest without any cover.


It’s not only the product that matters, but its price also matters too as it determines the worth of the product. The prices Ivacy has to offer fully justify its propositions. With ultimate speed and a 100% commitment to a zero-logging policy and anonymity, it has the best deals to offer.

Customers have various deals to choose from depending on their usage varying from a one-month subscription which bills around $9.95/month to a 1-year subscription for $3.33/month and the best-selling subscription costs $2.25/month if users pay for a two-year package upfront. Bulk deals have amazing discounts to offer with savings going to more than 70% of the actual price.


Ivacy believes not only in serving the customer but also in owning their loyalty by walking an extra mile and impeccable customer service. Product, pricing and etc, everything has its own significance but immaculate customer service turns the product from a desire to a customer’s need.

The customer support center stays active round the clock 24/7 to assist the customers in any query which may hinder their use. The representatives are fully trained and encompass an ample amount of knowledge to resolve customer queries and hassles.

If you’re looking for a reliable VPN, Ivacy is a clear choice.