How to Crop a Video on Any Device
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Not always you are able to download a perfect video, at times it has a few unwanted elements we need to ignore. Today we will be discussing how to crop a video on any device be it iOS, Android, PC, and more. No matter what platform you work on now you can easily crop a video to suit your requirements. The video crop tools we have mentioned perform similar to the image cropping tools you have been using.

These tools will help you transform an 8K video to 4K or crop an iPhone video to fit a vertical/horizontal aspect ratio. Let’s get started with how to crop a video on any device.

How to Crop a Video on Any Device?

As we mentioned earlier we will discuss each and every device option you can crop a video. You can do this using your iPhone, Android phones, or on Windows or Mac desktops and laptops.

1. Desktop Video EditorDesktop Video Editor

There are a number of video editors you can download online, we would like to mention Movavi Video Editor. The free version offers you the basic features which can easily help you crop your video. While a paid version will offer you more features. The software is available for Windows and Mac users.

There are other open-source free video editors Pitivi, kdenlive, Virtualdub, Avidemux, and more. The problem with open source video crop software is you will have to devote your time to get used to its options.

While a paid version will get you started quickly in a few steps. You can easily load the video into the software by dragging it into the timeline to load it. Use the crop tool, usually indicated by an L ruler with a diagonal line across. Mention the crop size by a custom width x height or by the left/right margin. Many tools also allow you to crop at an angle.

2. Online Video CropperOnline Video Cropper

Online Video cropper is another option if you don’t wish to download and install the software on your desktops or laptops. There are many online video cropper tools available such as Clideo, Wondershare, EZGif, Placeit. These tools help you edit your videos online, as long as you have a fast internet connection working with them would be quick and seamless.

Various tools offer a number of features such as preset ratios of 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, and 5:4 to make it easier for you to adjust the frame. You will be required to compress an MP4 file before you upload it to get it cropped. This will help you get it uploaded quickly. The downside of using online video cropper tools is they add the website’s URL as a watermark on the video.

3. Mobile Phone Video EditorMobile Phone Video Editor

Apps are popular these days be it an Android or iOS phone. There are a number of video editors for your mobile phones such as Quik, KineMaster, VivaVideo, VideoCrop, iMovie, and more. These apps help you fix the size of the video frame to the preferred size. The videos are processed to the desired configuration and saved in the video folder of the phone. These apps make it very easy to edit videos on the go.

4. Crop a Video on YouTubeCrop a Video on YouTube

YouTube is a popular video streaming platform, but do you know you can also crop a video on YouTube. Head Over to YouTube studio and upload a video. Now go to the Creator Classic option and look for the video you just uploaded. Once it is loaded you can crop it by pressing the Edit button. Many cropping applications have a crop tool in the options, but youtube does not. You can still cut your videos by entering the formatting tag, for example, 16:9. Easy peasy, save the finished video by pressing the Save Changes button.

5. Crop a Video with Windows Movie MakerWindows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is an amazing option when it comes to cropping a video. The zoom feature is something that makes it stand out from the rest. The application in fact does not have a crop tool, instead, it has a pan and zoom tool.

The zoom tool zooms the videos you uploaded for cropping to achieve a close to a similar effect of cropping a video. The tools allow you to zoom in/out from all sides ie top, bottom and center. To access these options go to Animations > Pan and Zoom. The option also comes with presets under Zoom In. You can be spoilt for choice as it offers 11 presets. Isn’t that great?

Windows Movie Maker also offers you a preview to see how your video looks after selecting the zoom-in preset. You can zoom in and zoom out by right-clicking the clip. The zoom-in feature though will not work when you export it.