Dropbox New Collaboration Features More Than Just About Cloud Storage
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Dropbox has announced a bunch of new collaboration features, which just goes to show it is moving further from just being a cloud storage service. The latest Dropbox features include a new screen recorder, a video collaboration tool, and more.

Dropbox New Collaboration Features

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service, and not the platform is adding a bunch of new tools that will make remote collaboration more enjoyable.

The latest Dropbox Capture feature will enable users to record their screens, create GIFs, and take screenshots. The Dropbox Capture feature is currently available in the beta version for personal and business plans. You can certainly try using it and decide if it is worth replacing your current screen capture tool.

The other option to watch out for is Dropbox Replay, this feature will simplify the work of collecting, managing, and responding to the feedback for your videos. You can leave frame-by-frame feedback on a video, which is critical for getting the right shot. The tool helps you in collaborating with your team to do a lot of video work. Though you will require to wait for this tool as it is not available right now, Dropbox said it will soon be available in beta version.

Dropbox will also be releasing a few more tools that will help you sell digital content creations you have stored in Dropbox. The beta for this feature is also currently unavailable on Dropbox.

Additional New Dropbox Features

According to Dropbox, more additional new features will be added. The company said, “We will continue supporting our customers by building even more dynamic experiences that connect all of their content to their workflows.”

Don’t be surprised if Dropbox comes up with additional features in the future. Dropbox as a service has certainly come a long way from simply being a platform to store files in the cloud.

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