Dropbox Update offers Support for Apple silicon support chips
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The latest Dropbox update offers support for Apple silicon chips. The latest 143.4.4161 version will be snappier and work more efficiently on M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max machines.

Additionally, the latest Dropbox update will also fix a kernel extension issue that prevented the application from working on macOS 12.3.

Dropbox will now run on Apple M1 chips
Earlier Dropbox was not able to efficiently work its app on the latest Apple chipsets, leaving many users dissatisfied. Though earlier some of the companies denied coming up with support for them. Now the latest update brings a solution for this and looks like they have changed their mind. 

Dropbox has been testing a beta version of the app earlier in January. Just two months after that they have now rolled out a public version for all Dropbox users on Mac for the first time.

In a blogpost on Thursday the company said, “Dropbox natively supports Mac computers with Apple silicon (M1), leveraging its improved performance and efficiency to run seamlessly on your Mac device.”

Users will not be required to reinstall the Dropbox app. The latest Dropbox version 143.4.4161 will automatically update itself on those who already have it installed on their Mac. 

You can also choose to manually update to the latest Dropbox here

Additionally, you can check if you are using the latest Dropbox application optimized for Apple silicon chips

  • Press Command + the spacebar on your Mac keyboard to launch Spotlight search.
  • Search for Activity Monitor.
  • On the drop-down menu that appears, click Activity Monitor.
  • Click the CPU tab at the top of the window.
  • Locate Dropbox under Process Name.
  • Locate the column labeled Kind. If the value for this column reads Apple, Dropbox is running natively on Apple silicon (M1).

You can provide feedback through Dropbox Support, or in the Dropbox Community forum, in case you run into any sort of issue while installing the update. 

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