Free Video Downloader for YouTube
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YouTube is a great place to hang out watching videos related to DIY, tutorials, etc. At times you find yourself lost in the tons of videos or the video just happens to be taken off the platform. In that case, you can safely download YouTube videos with this free tool – Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

How to download your favorite YouTube videos for free

Free Video Downloader for YouTube is a free tool, with a simple UI that makes it easy to download the YouTube video you want to store. You simply download the copy on to your local drive and continue viewing it as and when you require it.

The application allows you to quickly download any video. It comes with an easy UI and it comes with no heavy resource files which makes it light and quick to load and occupies less space on your computer. They also offer a free online YouTube video downloader that is compatible with all PCs.

Free Video Downloader for YouTube supports all browsers and allows downloading age-restricted content. The application is easy to use, simply copy the URL and choose the desired file format you want and click the Download button.

The application allows users to download the videos in various file formats such as MP4, WEBM, and many more. You can also pick the desired resolution for the videos you download from 360p up to 8K. You can also convert all your YouTube videos as MP3 as well if you choose to hear only the video’s audio track than its visual content.

You can easily rack up your own personal collection on your local computer using the Free Video Downloader for YouTube. No more visiting shady websites and face the dangers of malware infections.

As long as you have plenty of space on your local drive, you can just keep on downloading your favorite videos. These can be transferred to your smartphone allowing you to carry your favorite music wherever you go.

How to download YouTube video using Free Video Downloader for YouTube

  1. Add the video you want to download.
  2. Copy video URL on YouTube video.
  3. Set the format and quality.
  4. Select the desired file format and the resolution of the video and click “Download”.
  5. Once the video is downloaded you can watch or listen to your favorite videos from anywhere.

You can transfer the videos on your computer to any device of your preference from your Mac or PC computer.

Download: Free Video Downloader for YouTube