MEmu Android Emulator 8.0.0
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MEmu is a FREE Android emulator that offers you access to a variety of games for Microsoft Windows PC. You can run it on all Windows devices such as PC, notebooks, 2-in-1 devices, and tablets. MEmu Android Emulator offers the best performance with the greatest compatibility in comparison to the other Android emulators available. 

MEmu Android Emulator 8.0.0 Features

  1. Full Android experience with an elegant desktop
  2. Flexible customization (CPU#, memory size, resolution, device model, nav bar location, root mode, etc.)
  3. Mapping the keyboard/joystick to screen touch for a much better game experience
  4. Passing through sensor data (e.g. accelerometer) to Android, so you can play car-racing like games intuitively
  5. GPS location simulation
  6. File sharing between Windows and Android
  7. Fast APK installation by drag and dropOne-click Android system creation/clone / deleting, and you can run multiple Android instances simultaneously

MEmu Android Emulator 8.0.0 Use Case 

  1. Play Android games on a PC
  2. Chat conveniently using a keyboard in Whatsapp, Wechat, etc.
  3. Watch live shows and TV channels
  4. Ten seconds to start
  5. Directly open several Android Emulator windows

MEmu Android Emulator 8.0.0 Improvements

  1. The 64-bit emulator is used by default, improving the compatibility and experience of games.
  2. Support Hyper-V virtualization engine. Seamlessly upgrade from Old 32/64-bit emulators.
  3. Optimizing the overall performance of games enables games to run more smoothly.
  4. Game installation is quick which saves time by 50%+.
  5. The first startup time of the emulator is optimized, which saves time by 40%+.
  6. Integrate the interface of Android 9, which will be released soon.

Problems address in MEmu Android Emulator 8.0.0

  1. SDcard cannot be used after the Android soft restart has been fixed. 
  2. No response during the running of some games has been fixed. 
  3. The issue with insufficient resources while running some games has been fixed.
  4. Blurry screen and splash screen issues in some games have been resolved. 

For additional support visit MEmu Support

MEmu 8.0.0 Offline Installer | 614.0 MB (Freeware)

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