Microsoft Explains How to Take Your Surface Laptop Studio Apart
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Keep true to the companies support for “Right to Repair,” Microsoft brings a video tutorial that will explain to you how to take your Surface laptop studio apart 

The thought of taking a device apart can be scary as it can damage a critical component. Microsoft has made this easy for users to watch the video they published, it will teach them how they can do it. It is an attempt to create a computer that is relatively easy to repair.

Microsoft’s  Surface Laptop Studio Repair Tutorial
So now that you have made a decision to take apart and repair your Surface Laptop Studio let’s get started. Colin Ravenscroft designed the Surface Laptop Studios which is repair friendly, this means you can follow the guide to understand the internal devices and eliminate damaging your computer while you work. 

Watch the video tutorial below

Under the initiative of Right to Repair, Microsoft has come up with this repair guide for free. This valuable information online helps users understand many secrets. So no more worrying about the Surface Laptop Studio being locked behind complex mechanisms and tough glues. Users will no longer have to pay a penny to repair any issues that arose.

Apart from the video, you can find more information on the official documentation on the Surface website

Right to Repair is a step in the right direction, though not everyone supports it. Companies that take a stand offer users the power to fix their devices when they break, for instance, Microsoft. 

Microsoft has set an example when it comes to supporting the Right to Repair from its actions. They have taken a stance to share knowledge and power to fix their broken devices with their users.

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