Netflix streaming calculator
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Watching your favorite new Netflix show gets you engrossed and forget the count of time. The Netflix streaming calculator will help you keep track of the time spent watching Netflix.

It is easier for someone watching Netflix on the phone as there is a good chance you may have to stop watching Netflix once the battery drains. Well if you are in the habit of watching Netflix on TV for hours it is a good idea to know how much time spent watching Netflix.

You don’t need to worry about how to calculate the time spent as there is an online Netflix streaming calculator. It will find out how many hours you’ve spent watching the screen. You can also view other stats such as the average time you spent on Netflix per day.

Netflix streaming calculator

Visit timespentonnetflix, it allows you to upload your Netflix viewing history. It provides details on your most-watched series, movies you recently watched, favorite genres, and more. It also makes you aware of the time you spent watching your cool new show.

The website is easy to maneuver, all you need to do is download your viewing history and upload it to the site.

Follow the steps mentioned below to download your watch history.

  1. Head over to on your laptop, select the desired profile you wish to view the history.
  2. Select the user’s icon on the top right of your screen. Tap on Account. For mobile users, the option is available on the top right.
  3. Tap the Viewing Activity option on the My Profile section. This will show you everything you have ever watched.
  4. Click on Download All.

Now you have a file called NetflixViewingHistory.csv. Navigate to the Netflix calculator’s upload page. Then, drag and drop your Netflix history to analyze your streaming habits.

To upload the NetflixViewingHistory.csv file navigate to the Netflix streaming calculator page. Simply drag and drop your Netflix history to analyze your streaming habits.

The file is uploaded locally and does not reside in the cloud. This keeps it private and secure. The files also do not contain information about your name and location, but simply contain your viewing history.

Last year’s figures suggest Netflix earned a revenue of around $25 billion, which just goes to show it’s not just you who is spending hours in front of the TV screen.