Pixelmator Pro Released with Additional Color Adjustments and Effects Layer
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Apple released Pixelmator Pro today, the latest edition brings redesigned Layer sidebar that makes it easy to manage all the layers in a document and an additional capability of Color Adjustments and Effects layers.

The new layers UI features offer more content information about each layer at a glance, while the iconography is clear, which helps to distinguish different types of layers.

Now you can customize the appearance, including thumbnail size, blend position, and whether layer descriptions are shown at all.  You can now show the layer masks as separate rows and unlinked from their parent layer. All this has made it extremely easy to manage layer masks in practice.Pixelmator Pro Released with Additional Color Adjustments and Effects Layer-1Additionally, Pixelmator now supports color adjustments and effects layers building on its foundation. These layers allow you to apply a set of non-destructive adjustments to an entire group of layers. These layer-level effects make it simple to create some advanced kinds of compositions.Pixelmator Pro Released with Additional Color Adjustments and Effects Layer-2The latest Pixelmator Pro edition also offers 200 new vector shapes and is organized into ten collections that help you add simple icons and symbology to your canvas. Thus ensuring the points of the vectors align to pixel boundaries, preventing the blurry edge problem.

Pixelmator Pro updates are currently available for free for existing customers exclusively in the Mac App Store.

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