Why Not To Use Free VPN Service
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When we hear the word FREE we just fall for it without much second thought as it’s tempting. When it comes to free VPN it’s the same as why will you pay for something that you can get for free. There are reasons why not to use free VPN service, we will discuss them in this article.

VPN comes in handy whenever we have to access certain sites that are restricted in our country or region. But using a free VPN to do this is similar to watching pirated movies at home which has its own downside. Similarly, a free VPN comes with its own drawbacks as it will compromise your safety, security, and possibly even your personal data.

Instead of using going for a free VPN go for a paid service like Express VPN which is offered at nominal charges and keeps you secured.

Before you make a decision to go for a free VPN go through this article which will surely help you understand why not to use the Free VPN service.

Dangers of Using Free VPN

As we discussed Free VPN does allow you to access blocked websites but it comes with a few dangers as well which will talk about in much detail as follows:

  1. Track and Sell Your Data: VPN is used to keep our data safe, secure by stopping ISP’s and other data trackers from accessing the data for profit. The general purpose of the VPN server is to encrypt the data and route it through the VPN servers eliminating the risk of others being able to see what you do online. In the case of paid VPN services, they have extensive privacy terms and conditions which they pride themselves on their inability to track your data. Whereas in the case of free VPN it can turn out they are themselves a source of being a tracker.
  2. No Rules and Regulations: Laws differ from country to country but most the ISP can sell your data. This is not the case with VPN but in a few countries, it might prove to be an issue as they cant be regulated which again makes them difficult to learn. Especially free VPN from countries like China and Russia are a strict no as they pose the highest threat of being tracked. Free VPN can be a huge source of potential victims for hackers and cyber-criminals. Once logged into your system the hackers come to know about your online personality enabling them to log all your traffic logged against your account.
  3. Your IP Address Can Be Used As Network Endpoint: There have been incidents in the past when free VPN have been used as endpoints, for example, the Hola VPN which used to be a popular free VPN. Many users use it to jump the geo-blocking restrictions in case of services that were restricted in one’s own country. Using the network as an endpoint means the VPN uses your internet network connection to increase its own bandwidth and offer a portal to other users This also included selling endpoints via its subsidiary company called Luminati. The other disadvantage was anyone accessing a site in your country using the endpoint will leave an IP trace of all the sites accessed by them.
  4. Annoying Ads: Free VPN providers also need revenue to survive and this is done using advertising. Most of the websites that make money using advertising and free VPN services are no different, but comparatively, ads on free VPN’s our third-party advertisers which are unique to your proxy server session and they want you to click on these ads. As a result of this, the ads network gets priority resulting in slower page loading of your site and a less smooth online experience for the users.
  5. IP Address Leaks: VPN networks are like tunnels where traffic flows through the tunnel without anyone noticing it. When it makes its way to the open web it is not able to trace where it originated from. This is not the case when it comes to free VPN as the tunnels are less robust and sort of leak the data which can be picked up by anyone who tries to sniff your network. This is known as “traffic leak” or “DNS leak”. Though this is not a common phenomenon, we think paying a few dollar extras will certainly not hurt you in the long run.

We suggest you always go for a paid VPN service like Express VPN which will keep you safe and secure with no fears of any data leaks.