CrossOver Windows App Liberator for Mac
Reading Time: 2 minutes

It would be great if you can run Windows App natively on your MacBook, no need to swap laptops anymore. CrossOver Windows App Liberator for Mac is a tool that will allow you to work natively on your MacBooks.

There are a number of Windows emulators you can run on your Mac. It will certainly not give you the right feeling of working on proper Windows, most of you will agree with this.

CrossOver Windows App Liberator for Mac will offer you a seamless experience while running Microsoft or Windows applications on your MacBook.

If you are thinking the Crossover tool is an emulator you are grossly wrong. The tool translates Windows commands into Mac commands which in turn gives you the true experience of running Windows natively.

You don’t need to buy additional licenses, run thousands of Windows programs on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS. Just works smoothly like it was designed native to Mac.

Why should you try CrossOver?

CrossOver tool is not an emulator and it does not require a copy of Windows OS to be on your system. It will translate the commands of the Windows application you choose to install on your install OS.

Currently, it has a limited set of commands running, it is a huge process of recreating all the Windows OS commands. It is certainly a work in progress, in terms of achieving the ultimate goal. Presently many Windows commands run perfectly, while a few run with limited functionality.

You can check your Windows App compatibility here.

You can download the CrossOver tool for a 14 day trial period. It will certainly save you the time to set up Windows on your system and the cost of buying a new license. If everything works out for you and the tool satisfies your requirements you can choose to buy.

The CrossOver tool comes in three variants:

  • CrossOver One – $39.95 with support only for the current version.
  • CrossOver Pro – $59.95 with support for 12 months.
  • CrossOver Life – $499.95 with support for lifetime.