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If you are worried about malicious programs taking screenshots of your computer system, you can use ScreenWings. ScreenWings. is a freeware anti screenshot tool that blocks malicious programs from taking screenshots.

With privacy being the prime concern of most people, the application automatically becomes a requirement. There are a number of malware existing online on the internet that target user credentials such as username and password, low-level malware like screen loggers are used to capture a screenshot of the content on your monitor and send information secretly to the malware creator.

While at times bad actors manage to physically access the system to capture a screenshot or install software that can do it automatically.

Though your password may remain obscure or hidden in the password field box, still the screen loggers or malware can end up getting a screenshot of your screen to reveal your email address and other information like an email inbox, bank statement, social network, private information, and anything you do online.

How ScreenWings work?

ScreenWings is a light and portable software that you can easily carry with you on a USB Flash drive. The application is about 3.28MB in size and uses about 60MB of RAM. You can be relaxed about your data being secure even on a publicly accessible computer.

Simply extract the archive and run the EXE, the program does not require administrator privileges. Anyone can use run it, a small popup window appears.

The user interface is miniature, comes with a monitor icon and a colorful windows logo in it. Once you click the logo disappears and the monitor icon turns black to go in anti-screen shot mode. Clicking the monitor icon in ScreenWings will disable the protection, and you can resume capturing screenshots as normal.

A very simple and straightforward application that comes with no settings or menus.

Download ScreenWings For Windows

How ScreenWings protects?

Once the Anti Screen Shot Mode is on, you can try to use the Print Screen Key, Snipping Tool, or any other tool to capture the screen. You will notice when you paste the clipboard content, a blank screenshot, which is black ie no text or picture is visible. The application works system-wide once installed.

Apart from this ScreenWings comes with a Ghost mode which can be run from the command line. This will allow you to silently run the program in the background without the popup and enables the protection automatically. On the downside though this feature is not available with the free version.

ScreenWings can run on all Windows 7 and above machines. The developers claim ScreenWings can protect up to six screens which means multi-monitor setups are also supported.