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simplewall (WFP Tool) enables you to configure Windows Filtering Platform (WFP), it can configure network activity on your PC. It is a lightweight application compatible with  Windows 7 SP1 and higher operating systems.

simplewall is not a control UI over Windows Firewall, this means it does not interact at any level with Windows Firewall. You can download either the installer or portable version, though you require administrator rights to work correctly. 

Visit:  simplewall Home Page | Project Page @GitHub


  1. Simple interface without annoying pop ups
  2. Rules editor (create your own rules)
  3. Internal blocklist (block Windows spy / telemetry)
  4. Dropped packets information with notification and logging to a file feature (win7+)
  5. Allowed packets information with logging to a file feature (win8+)
  6. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) support (win10)
  7. Windows Store support (win8+)
  8. Windows services support
  9. Free and open source
  10. Localization support
  11. IPv6 supportsimplewall (WFP Tool) 3.6.2-1

Simplewall (WFP Tool) 3.6.2 updates 

  1. added autoinstall non-executable updates feature (issue #1122)
  2. added clear search with escape button for editor
  3. added fallback for font loading when it does not exists
  4. improved uwp packages information loading
  5. fixed installer launches simplewall without asking user (issue #1119)
  6. fixed restore properties window position
  7. fixed blank notification (issue #1009)
  8. fixed rule tooltip whitespace
  9. fixed internal bugs
  10. updated network monitor
  11. updated locales
  12. cosmetic fixes


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