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It is painful when your computer system or laptop is infected by a Virus. Emsisoft an Austrian-New Zealand antivirus provider has come up with a virus removal tool called “Emergency Kit“. It will help you remove viruses on your computer systems, it is unlike the other antivirus available in the markets.

What is a Virus?

The virus is a computer program that is able to copy itself and infect computers. Generally were use the term virus refers to other types of malware, including adware and spyware programs that do not have reproductive ability. Normally a virus spreads across the computer systems and networks via USB/Flash drives in the form of some kind of executable code. Such types of virus can be deleted or quarantine using good antivirus software.

The “Emergency Kit”, virus removal tool helps users in the event of a virus attack. Unlike traditional antivirus scanners, it does not require you to install the software on your system. It can scan your PC for all the malware present and remove it.

The virus removal tool can be used for getting a second opinion in case you experience malware infection, which your existing antivirus software is not able to diagnose. Apart from this, it can also be used on unprotected PC to rectify malware problems.


No need to install as we already mentioned, you can simply plug in the USB stick and you are good to go. Create an emergency stick beforehand would be a good idea as it can be used as a wild card in the event of a virus infection.

According to Emsisoft, the virus removal tool is able to detect all classic viruses and Trojans. Additionally, it can also detect malware such as adware, dialers, or spyware.

The tool offers a graphical user interface, but can also be run from the command line and runs on both 32 and 64 bit systems. The Emsisoft Emergency Kit is available for free for all private users. You can also opt for the paid version available for business customers is also available.