Virtual Phone Number
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A virtual phone number allows you to obtain a local phone number for any state or country you choose, irrespective of where you are in the world. You can make local calls to people in that region or area code using the virtual phone number. The best thing is you are only charged for a local call, no need to pay for international calls.

How does a Virtual Phone Number work?

Setting up a virtual phone number is easy, once you configure the software setting you are good to go. You can start making and receiving calls using any device of your choice ie phone, desktop, or laptop. It is important you have a good stable internet connection to enjoy a seamless experience.

10 Best Virtual Phone Number in 2021


MightyCall allows you to make and receive calls on any device of your choice. It is a system built keeping small businesses in mind. The system gives you the option to decline calls, accept or send to voicemail.

The virtual phone system gives you a conversational chart that helps you set your business flow. The reports show you the complete history of your communications. It helps you run your business seamlessly even beyond business running hours.

Offers a number of features such as call forwarding to any device and making unlimited calls. You can also choose a tool-free or area code number without any extra charges. Other features include call recording, listen to voicemail, get notifications and make or receive calls from your PC using a softphone.


Nextiva, a virtual phone number system allows you to start audio and video conferencing with a click of your mouse button. It offers a local toll-free number and alerts you of voice mail via emails. You can also receive SMS and text messages on your mobile app.

It provides you with customer information when they call. It automatically gives you feedback from the clients, all communication and data can be managed centrally. It gives you the ability to track the interaction of a customer with your business to give a real-time view of your clients.


CallHippo is a hassle-free virtual phone system, easy to set up. The voice phone system is popular amongst startups and businesses seeking to have a local number for more than 50 countries. CallHippo can easily be integrated with more than 100 tools. It comes with an easy user interface and robust backend support for users to set up a customer support center.

Its various features allow you to call from the browser, quickly get local phone numbers, and supports call forwarding, recording, and queuing. You can also easily collaborate with your team. With its app, you can interact with callers, gather details, and route calls to the right person.


RingCentral offers a number of collaboration tools for businesses. It offers you the ability to make video conferences, cloud phone, team messaging, etc. There is no requirement for any new additional hardware. The RingCentral virtual phone number application can easily be installed and set up with minimal effort.

It offers features like HD quality video, web conferencing, call forwarding facility, and sharing file tasks or files online. You can also manage incoming and outgoing faxes online. It offers 100+ countries with a local dialing plan as well as international virtual numbers.


TalkRoute enables you to make effortless calls as it offers a variety of numbers that suit your business. It enables you to forward or route calls anywhere. You can easily manage voicemails or send a message to your customers.

TalkRoute virtual phone number allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. You can customize your welcome message and view detailed history reports.
Along with sending and receiving SMS and MMS, you can also set a time and date when your phones are available. Users can easily access the application via Android or iOS phones.


ConXhub offers a highly advanced business phone system. It allows users to create multiple profiles and numbers. Users can also make & receive calls from multiple numbers.
The business phone system offers HD quality calls and Toll-Free, Local, or International Phone Number from the country of your choice. You can easily forward call to mobile phones or any phone around the world

Google VoiceGoogle Voice

We cannot ignore Google can we, Google Voice is a voice service offered by Google. It offers voicemail, call forwarding, text, and voice messaging. It also comes with a call termination facility. Users can enjoy the service via their smartphone or web and make calls from anywhere. The application uses AI to filter spam calls.
Easy to customize according to your daily workflow. Google Voice is easy to use, it automatically transcribes your voicemail. Users can easily connect with other people to organize your task. A PBX can also be configured with the Google Voice application and integrated with Google Calendar and Meet.


eVoice offers call forwarding and auto attendant. It is a free virtual phone number provider that allows you to welcome your customers with studio-recorded greetings. You can easily read your voicemails and get a local number in your city and forward it to existing phone lines.

Choose a landline phone number for your local, international, and national business. It enables you to work remotely, make Make or receive calls from mobile or your desktop. The experience using video conferencing features is also amazing.

You can record calls and it supports speed dialing. When put on hold eVoice virtual phone number application plays music. It also comes with a feature that allows you to block the phone number.

Vonage Virtual NumberVonage Virtual Number

Vonage Virtual Number is a popular virtual number application that provides scalable and flexible voice, message, and video calling facilities. You can link it with any mobile phone and also comes with a telephone keypad for dialing numbers.

You can place international calls too, The virtual number phone application not only supports call forwarding but also comes with a tool to block and unblock numbers via your mobile or online account.

It comes with a feature to turn on and off caller ID or call waiting facilities. It is not only easy to set up the system, but you can also easily add a phone line to your account.


Exotel is an ideal virtual phone number solution for SMEs, startups, and enterprises. It offers both call recording and forwarding. You can also identify call patterns according to the volumes so as to avoid missing any call.

The system is completely customizable and offers unlimited channels for businesses. The application API works on WYSIWYG.

The system provides real-time miss call notification and a virtual drag and drops dashboard. The call stats will help you track your productivity and also provides detailed analytics of each call. You can track your productivity through your call stats.