5 Free Online Cybersecurity Courses Hosted by Top Universities
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Companies are experiencing data breaches as a result of lack of cybersecurity skills, which can be attributed to 80% of companies having had at least one data breach during the past year.

Sandra Wheatley of Fortinet, a top global cybersecurity company, claims that executives are affected by the lack of talented labor.

There are many ways one can pursue the burgeoning cyber security industry, whether it’s through a master’s degree, training at the workplace with upskilling courses, or by earning certifications. Cybersecurity Ventures recently reported that by 2022 there will be three and a half million jobs in this field — 350% more than in 2013.

Ryan LaSalle explained that different people find their way into security in various ways. These people often have real potential and can make a difference.

If you are looking for online courses, universities such as Johns Hopkins and Penn State have online courses available to anyone. These universities rank highly in graduate degree lists such as the Fortune list of best business schools and cybersecurity schools.

Introduction to Cyber Attacks – New York University
The number of cyberattacks have been on the rise. From 2020 to 2021, there was an increase of 31% in the number of attacks, with 310 attacks per year on average against 29 companies per annum.

People who want to learn more about cybersecurity should sign up for the Introduction to Cyber Attacks course offered by New York University. The course covers four weeks and is taught by Edward G. Amoroso. He is a consultant, researcher, and professor at Tandon School of Engineering of NYU and founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, a cybersecurity advisory and consultancy.

Cryptography I Course – Stanford University
Cryptography helps send messages securely, meaning that adversaries can’t see what you’re saying.

In the course, students learn how and when to use cryptography strategically. They also get hands-on experience solving problems in the field. The course, which begins on September 11th, meets Fridays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time at Stanford University and can be completed by early November. Dan Boneh is teaching Cryptography I, who has a background in electrical engineering and cryptography as well as other technology fields.

Hardware Security – University of Maryland
Hardware Security course teaches you how to design hardware-compatible systems and applies these principles by studying digital system vulnerabilities.

Gang Qu teaches Certified Secure Hardware Design, which involves learning how to strengthen and secure hardware from design-based security. In his course, students learn about designs that are less susceptible to software-based attacks and engineering practices for implementing these designs. The class takes about 12 hours. Upon successful completion of the course, students earn a certificate in the cybersecurity specialization program.

Internet History, Technology, and Security – University of Michigan
The University of Michigan offers a course, Internet History, Technology, and Security. Topics include the beginnings/history of the internet, how it is made and how it works. Other topics covered include when the internet became commercialized, how it has grown over time and what TCP is.

Charles Russell Severance, a clinical professor at the University of Michigan, teaches this course over 10 weeks. It is made up of 15 hours total.

Network and Security Foundations – Western Governors University
Western Governors University, with one of the top online cybersecurity master’s programs in the U.S., covers the components of computer networks and basic security concepts associated with internet-based networks. This introductory course covers network security, threat risk mitigation, and network and information security management.

The course takes ten hours a week, and you can take it for free with limited access or purchase unlimited access, which costs $166.08. In the self-paced format, each week’s section is available after an assignment is completed, so that students can view materials at their own pace.

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