Apple iPhone in Future May Provide Starlink Connectivity
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Apple iPhone in the future may provide Starlink connectivity as SpaceX is aiming to use the same frequency that Globalstar is claiming to power emergency satellite connectivity for the iPhone 14.

According to Elon Musk, CEO SpaceX, the Starlink satellite internet system could one day expand to Apple iPhones. In a tweet on Thursday, a day after the showcased the upcoming iPhone 14 featuring the “Emergency SOS” satellite connectivity about the potential partnership. 

He said,  “We’ve had some promising conversations with Apple about Starlink connectivity. The iPhone team is obv (obviously) super smart.”

With Apple tapping Globalstar, a provider of satellite connectivity, many internet users feel one day Apple may also rely on SpaceX’s Starlink connectivity to power the Emergency SOS feature. 

A partnership between SpaceX and Apple may lead to iPhones getting an emergency SOS service and high-speed internet in dead zones. It is unclear if the key challenge will be designing a device such as the iPhone, or if there is something preventing it from receiving and sending signals over Starlink.

“For sure, a more efficient way to get a signal is by having your phone adapted to space signals vs. emulating cell towers on Earth. ” said Elon Musk

Starlink operates as a high-speed satellite internet service. However, SpaceX plans to expand the usage of this system to include mobile satellite service, which will cover cellular dead zones.

It remains unclear how Starlink will function for the consumer and if additional hardware is needed. But SpaceX has requested to use the same band of spectrum to power the new service, which is also the same used by Globalstar.

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