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Apple is known for its product design, Apple Suv also is like the iPhone 12 Pro Max of Smart Electric Vehicles. Designer Jan Peisert keeping true to Apple tradition designed the Apple One SUV. The Apple One is a smart electric vehicle that keeps true to Apple’s tradition of being sleek, slim, and petite.

The Apple One SUV is a car designed for the entire family keeping all the good aspects of Apple in mind. The luxury car is not a sedan, the Apple One is an SUV that will accommodate 4 passengers or more passengers comfortably. The headlight of the SUV is like a cross between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian SUV.Apple One SUV The design is slightly angular and not edgy or in a straight line, each curve seems to be naturally similar to what you will find in Apple products. Though one would imagine an electric car to be without a grille, the Apple One SUV does come with a front grille perhaps keeping the designing aspect in mind. The other reason might be the air intake to keep the car’s CPU cool.Apple One SUV Apple One SUV concept car has an illuminated logo at the front and a slick headlight and taillights. The linear lights keep the road illuminated and double up as indicator lights. The headlight can glow entirely to the left or right to indicate the intention of the driver, while the vertical channels on the tail light turn orange. The doors of the Apple One SUV are also built with indicators in it, this allows everyone to know when the car is about to make a turn. The brake light at the back indicates people behind when the car is slowing down or stopping.Apple One SUV The Apple One SUV is detailed in two variants ie. Silver and Space-Gray. The physical appearance of both variants is identical, though the silver car comes with wooden trims on the front and back while space gray sports carbon fiber trims that identify it as a Pro version.Smart Electric VehiclesThere are no inputs on the interiors of the car, though a few external features highlighted are fascinating. Apart from the road illuminating lights at the front, the car also comes with laser headlights on the extremes of the Apple logo. The headlights are capable of projecting powerful spotlights on the road. This will allow clear vision to drivers in low-light conditions.Smart Electric Vehicles The car also features retractable side view cameras, gesture-controlled butterfly doors and trunk, and a wireless charging base. The technical details of the Apple One SUV are not available, but it is likely the car will tie in with the ecosystem. The car will probably run on a self-driven AI, that uses the strong catalog sensors Apple has designed and built into its products.