Autonomous Aircraft by Xwing
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Autonomous Aircraft by Xwing loaded with autonomous flight technology. Xwing has retrofitted traditional aircraft with various sensors such as cameras, lidar and radar. The technology uses sensor fusion algorithms to create exceptionally accurate models of the environment. The combination of old and new technology allows the plane to autonomously navigate in the airport, take off, fly to a destination, and land, without any person on board.

Autonomous aircraft Xwing is developed by a startup based in San Francisco with a mission to dramatically increase human mobility using fully autonomous aerial vehicles.

According to Maxime Gariel, CTO at Xwing, the company is developing a Detect-And-Avoid system for unmanned and remotely piloted vehicles. Being a pilot himself, Maxime is passionate about making airplanes fly themselves.

Maxime worked as a principal GNC engineer at Rockwell Collins before joining Xwing. He has worked with DARPA, Gremlins on numerous autonomous aircraft projects. He has also had experience working with AgustaWestland SW4 Solo autonomous helicopter. Prior to being appointed as Chief Engineer of the SW4 Solo’s flight control system, he was in charge of the system architecture, redundancy, and safety for the project.

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