Blockchain Based healthcare Information System developed by IIT-Madras Researchers
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Researchers from IIT Madras have developed a blockchain-based healthcare information system. The innovative blockchain-based medical data and information exchange system is built for BlockTrack, a first-of-its-kind mobile phone app in India. The app is currently being field-tested at IIT’s hospital in India.

The Block Track app focuses on securely digitizing healthcare information systems and ensuring the security of sensitive personal information and medical records. To achieve this control and ownership of patient data is decentralized through blockchain-based innovation. IIT-Madras has already got a provisional patent for this innovation.

BlockTrack was built with support from Infosys, as part of its CSR program. Currently, the app is being tested at IIT Madras Institute Hospital. They have been developing the system since last year during the peak of the first wave.

BlockTrack is an Android app with two versions, one is for the patients and the other for the doctors. The app will be able to generate unique codes for each user, this will be used to store their medical records and other healthcare information.

Since the data will be stored in an encrypted and in the salted format it will ensure better privacy. Blockchain technology also ensures it remains decentralized which will make the transfer of information easier.

According to Prabhu Rajagopal, lead faculty for Remote Diagnostics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras, “BlockTrack is an exciting project that depicts engineering innovations that have the disruptive potential to transform multiple domains. This is one of the first implementations of blockchain technology for securing healthcare data management systems and we see the immense impact this approach can make in securely digitizing and maintaining unique patient records across the country and indeed across the world eventually.”

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