Brand Rush in Metaverse - Companies Exploring the Virtual Universe
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Brands are embracing Metaverse, out of fear of missing out on the next big technology revolution. Already many brands across the globe are taking small steps into the world of the metaverse. Let’s take a look at these companies that now own digital assets in the metaverse.

Facebook:Facebook-MetaverseThe company recently rebranded itself as Meta, triggering off corporate investments in the metaverse. Metaverse is a virtual universe where people socialize, shop, and even participate in events via various virtual avatars. Many brands are taking early entry into the metaverse space even before it is fully developed in a bid to ensure they don’t miss out on the next big tech revolution. 

Nike:RTFKTEarlier in December 2021, the American sports company acquired the virtual sneakers and collectibles brand, RTFKT. The acquisition will potentially help the brand launch next-gen collectibles in the metaverse and extend its digital footprint.  The company has also entered a partnership with Roblox to launch ‘Nikeland’. Nikeland is a free space game platform enabling players to try out new sports shoes and run marathons. 

Like Nike, the German sportswear company has released its first range of NFTs. Also, the company has acquired a virtual plot of land on Sandbox- a popular metaverse platform.  Sandbox portrays its products in a virtual showroom in adiVerse.

Coca-Cola:CocaCola NFTCoca-Cola made its debut in July 2021 by launching its own NFT collection. The auction fetched the company $575,000. Since then the company has portrayed itself to its customers with the same life-like iconic and feel-good experiences in the metaverse. At the auction, the company auctioned four multi-sensory NFTs based on the theme of friendship. Where the winner of the auction not  only won the four NFTs but also a real-life fridge stocked with cola bottles and various other gifts

Gucci:Gucci Store on RobloxThe elite fashion brand has entered the metaverse space with its partnership with Roblox to sell rare Gucci items. Earlier in May 2021, the brand launched an exhibition on the Roblox platform for two weeks. Attendants at this event not only got the vision, aesthetics, and the philosophy of the brand but also to buy limited edition items such as rare digital Gucci bags and apparel.

Balenciaga:BalenciagaBalenciaga, a premium fashion house partnered with Epic Games, creators of Fortnite to bring premium clothing and apparel to the game. Players on the platform can buy outfits designed to express themselves in unique ways. Fortnite also features  Balenciaga retail stores to showcase the virtual community’s fashion on Billboards. 

Wendy’s:Wendys On FortniteStaying true to its policy of never using frozen beef, Wendy’s made its entry into the world of a metaverse in 2018. The fast-food company has featured on Fortnite, with a digital event called Food Fight. Players were able to be in the team Burger (Durr Burger) or side with the pizza party (Pizza Pit). The burgers used in the game were kept in digital freezers, Wendy’s used this to showcase its dedication towards using fresh meat. Launching an all-out attack on the digital freezers without killing other players. The strategy worked for Wendy’s as the gameplay was streamed on Twitch and increased its presence on social media by 119 percent. 

Tinder:Tinder Swipe NightTinder is a popular dating app and has also taken baby steps into the world of the metaverse. The platform is working on building a metaverse platform for people to meet each other through their digital avatars. Features such as ‘Swipe Night’ and ‘Explore’ in direction are already available on Tinder. Tinder is also working on Tinder Coins, its own cryptocurrency to help incentivize certain actions in the virtual dating world introduced by Tinder. 

Louis Vuitton:Louis The GameLouis Vuitton fashion house has entered the metaverse to capitalize on the power of NFTs. Louis Vuitton created a game called Louis The Game to commemorate its birth on 4 August 1821. The game draws the spotlight to its rich heritage through NFTs and in-game innovations. A dedicated character named Vivienne has been created in the video game that resembles Louis Vuitton. Players can experience the legacy of the fashion house in the game and collect monogram candles that are needed to access other levels. 

Samsung: DecentralandSamsung opened a Samsung 837X virtual store on the Ethereum blockchain-based virtual reality platform Decentraland. Decentraland is a virtual store that is a simulated version of Samsung’s physical store in New York. Customers can access the store via an avatar and earn NFT badges by completing certain tasks. 

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