Capsule - TV Remote
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Shivang Vaishnav, MIT student, and designer, has designed Capsule, a TV remote specifically designed for streaming. With much of the entertainment be it music or television it is being offered via streaming, Capsule could turn out to be an ideal partner for instant gratification.

Vaibhav had been working around for a year on the ergonomics and ways to make the Capsule remote streamlined. The more improved version offers a lengthy body with sensor touchpads in it.Capsule - TV Remote The remote buttons are arranged in the order you would most frequently activate them. For example, you can use the touchpad as a browsing wand, followed by the remote’s display of arrows which help you focus on various searches, finally making it way to an array of buttons you can use during viewings like pause/play and rewind/fast-forward.

Unlike traditional remote, Capsule tends to skip the obstacles to make the search process quick. Capsule maintains its landscape orientation and voice input methods in the new variant. Capsule

Users can input the title of movies or search keywords either using the built-in microphone or type holding the remote horizontally and two sets of navigational buttons at the same time. 

Since the Capsule is built ergonomically it maintains the cylindrical shape of a traditional TV remote. While its underbelly is an off-center groove which indicates the remote’s upright position and fits naturally in your palm. TV Remote

 Designed to adapt to current smart TV hardware, the combination of matte surfaces and stainless steel accents make Capsule feel right at home on the console. The stainless steel accents and the shadows found on Capsule make it appear a lot slimmer from certain angels.Capsule - TV Remote