Ehang unveils Vertiports that look like trees
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Ehang, an autonomous air vehicles company has unveiled vertiports that look like trees for its autonomous passenger drones called ‘Baobab’. These are large tree-like towers and landing platforms for its EH216 autonomous passenger drones. These vertiports designed by Giancarlo Zema Design Group(GZDG) offer sustainability with its photovoltaic panels present on the vertiports to generate energy. It also features plug-and-play charging points for the drones to recharge wirelessly.

The project is currently in the development stage, as Ehang and GZDG prepare to explore the emerging eco-tourism sector and are planning hubs for a lakeside site in China’s Zhaoqing city along with locations in the Maldives, the UAE, and Italy.Baobab

The inspiration behind the organically shaped towers is the Baobab tree. The company plans to build Baobab stands at 30meters tall. They will be built using steel and laminated timber structure. The installation also will include a large waiting room, a café, a 200 sqm restaurant with panoramic views, and of course an elevator to reach the top.Baobab_02

The rooftop terrace will have green areas with seating and three landing areas for Ehangs electric drones. These will be able to recharge wirelessly from the landing pad floor. The floors will be made from the latest generation non slip photovoltaic panels, produced by Solapave and will generate over 300 kW of energy. LED lights will be integrated to provide signage and lighting at night.Baobab_01