Electric Airliner Turning into Reality As Heart Aerospace AB Unveils 30-Seat Model
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Heart Aerospace AB, a Swedish startup brings the idea of an electric airliner into reality with its latest 30 seat model. The company announced its factory site and will be financially backed by Saab AB, makers of the Gripen fighter.

Air Canada is also on their shareholders list, placing an order for 30 of the enlarged ES-30 aircraft. The ES-30 will replace the original 19-seat blueprint and is slated to begin deliveries in 2028.

Offices, test facilities and a production line on a campus at Säve airport outside Gothenburg should be completed by mid-2024,. The workforce should swell from 130 to 500 people after three years, with the initial flights due in 2026.

Anders Forslund, Heart’s founder and chief, said the new shareholders will bolster the push for all-electric flight, with Saab “synonymous with aerospace” and Air Canada “a strategically important partner with one of the world’s largest networks operated by regional turboprops.”

Heart is working to create a fully fledged aircraft that would be available for mainstream air travel, rather than the small flying taxis on the market.

Electric Airliner’s Performance and Specs
The ES-30 is not capable of traveling distances very far because it relies on batteries for power.

This type of plane is the most practical for short and thin routes because they can easily travel over barriers such as mountains and large bodies of water. Electric airliners are in high demand in areas with few transportation options.

Anders said that Heart’s new facilities, Northern Runway, will establish a whole new industry in Sweden. Sweden has recently prioritized the energy efficiency and safety of air travel, implementing regulations to curb airport emissions and fuel consumption.

To combat the Sweden origin of flight shame, a movement against air travel, the Northern Runway will make electric air a reality and preserve flying for future generations. Saab and Air Canada each took a minority stake in Heart for $5 million.

United Airlines and Mesa Air Group have pre-ordered 200 ES 19-seater planes that were dropped, now converted to the larger ES-30. Letters of intent from SAS AB, Braathens Regional Aviationand Icelandairhave also been updated to the bigger plane, while Swedish lessor Rockton signed an LOI for up to 40 planes.

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