Falcon Solar - Solar-Powered Aircraft Concept
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The Falcon Solar is a solar-powered aircraft concept designed by Laszlo Nemeth.  The designer has visualized it as an aerodynamic commercial flyer of the future. Falcon Solar, a solar-powered aircraft conceptus a look at the horizon of air travel in a decade’s time.Falcon Solar - Solar-Powered Aircraft Concept-5

Skydweller Aero, a US-Spanish aerospace firm, is working on Solar Impulse solar-powered aircraft, presenting totally fuel independent flying machines. You don’t need to carry huge quantities of fuel or make landings for refueling. After making intercontinental flights and countless flying hours the solar aircraft has opened up new possibilities for totally sustainable flights.Falcon Solar - Solar-Powered Aircraft Concept-2The Falcon Solar aircraft concept features a wide wingspan and breaks accepted norms of aircraft design. Its advanced set of wings has a curved shape, while the inverted wingspan looks identical to a real falcon bird. The wings are large, almost the overall body ratio of the solar aircraft, this provides it a superior lift and lessens aerodynamic drag.Laszlo Nemeth carried all these elements in this zero-emission concept for commercial and private aircraft flights. The Falcon Solar design is aerodynamic and looks more like a Tesla Model S of the solar-powered aircraft world. Falcon Solar - Solar-Powered Aircraft Concept-3Unlike conventional aircraft, Falcon Solar has no rudders, rear wing, or vertical stabilizer, perhaps an advanced technology may be taking advantage of that. The solar panels that power the Solar-powered aircraft span all across the length of the wings, able to produce enough energy to glide over the clouds.Falcon Solar - Solar-Powered Aircraft Concept-4The cockpit for the pilot is compact and not sure if it comes with space for passengers. Looks more like a luxury yacht in the sky millionaires splurge their money 

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