GitHub Copilot - AI Assistants Help Developers Write 30% of their code
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According to GitHub, Copilot AI-Assistant’s help, developers write 30% of their codes. The software development platform earlier in June introduced its AI-assisted code writing feature called Copilot

GitHub on the eve of its GitHub Universe conference starting today said the AI is now able to write 30% of code on the platform. 

Oege de Moor, VP of GitHub Next, in an interview with Axios said,  the team working on the copilot function, 50% of the devs who tried it continue using it. 

Currently, the feature is in its technical preview phase and works exceptionally well with languages such as Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go.GitHub Copilot - AI Assistants Help Developers Write 30% of their code-1Starting today the feature will be expanded to new code editors, allowing you to take advantage of the AI assistant by using it in any other development environment. 

According to GitHub, “We are expanding editor support to includeNeovim and JetBrains IDEs especially focused on the latest versions of IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm. Support for multiline completions in Java has also been added, with support for more languages over the coming months.”

GitHub already has a number of other features like Open AI Codex and Codata. The first one is a database built upon public repositories, which is more efficient at code generation than GPT-3. While the latter is an AI-based code completion tool, it helps devs write 25% less code, and more than a million developers already using it.

Having said that, the latest AI is not yet smart enough to generate whole programs on its own. Though it does make the developer’s job easy by spotting mistakes and completing their projects in a shorter time.

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