How 5G Can Make It Easy To Work From Home
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During the pandemic work from home has been the best option for many and 5G connection has really helped their cause by enabling them to stay connected to the internet. 

In recent times 5G has turned out to be a more viable alternative to cable as a high-speed internet connection source. As we proceed further you will understand how 5G can make it easy to work from home?

The Verizon 5G Home service works on a technology called Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), which is able to offer you blazing fast 1 Gbps connection into your home via 5G. Currently, Verizon service is available only in a few cities in the USA, though earlier last week Detroit was added to the list and will continue to grow in the future. 

Other service providers such as AT&T are discussing offering a 5G-based FWA service. T-Mobile has already announced its plans to offer a 5G-based fixed wireless broadband service that will cover more than half of U.S. households by 2024.

How 5G Can Make It Easy To Work From Home?

The 5G fixed wireless services will offer the best speeds for download and upload, comparable with cable connection at relatively comparable prices. This means it can offer a substantial improvement in work-from-home options. 

5G has been to extend broadband internet services to rural areas and other places that don’t have high-speed internet. This would lead to a major improvement for the locals and attract more people to live and work there. 

With the improvements in the 5G technology, it means it will offer broadband connectivity to people who consider it as an essential requirement and extend the geographical locations where people can live and work.

Folks living in urban areas can enjoy better broadband coverage. There is not a single place where we have not heard of issues with the quality of broadband and connectivity challenges, Wifi congestion issues, etc. Reception of a good internet connection may also be an issue for city dwellers in dense environments clogged with Wi-Fi routers and hotspots.

You can instead use a fast 5G cellular network as your primary connection in combination with a portable hotspot feature on your smartphone or buy a dedicated 5G hotspot piece of hardware to share that connection over Wi-Fi.

If you are concerned about your security, a cellular connection is more secure than a WiFi, as it can be exploited by hackers using hacking tools. 

Though you may end up paying a few extra bucks, for using a smartphone-based cellular connection as your primary means of internet access versus other broadband options. Yet it can turn out to be a good option to consider.

Offers you to work from almost anywhere

The real beauty of 5G connection is you don’t need to worry about getting disconnected while using your PCs or tablets as you are always connected. It offers more value for most workers as it allows you to work from just about anywhere, from regular email and chats to video calls and other collaborative efforts. 

No need to find the WiFi network name, get the password, or worry about people breaking into the Wifi network. You are always connected and it works. 

Use 5G as a backup

If you already have a broadband connection you can use 5G as a backup. It may be an unnecessary luxury to some but with our entire work, personal, and even educational lives having moved online you cannot ignore it. Such is the impact of the internet during the pandemic times that some of the changes we have experienced will stick with us for a long time. 

There has been a rise in the number of connected devices in every household. It would be a good idea to split the load and have some of these devices on 5G connect and others use a broadband connection. This would certainly improve the user experience while accessing the internet. 

In the near future, the 5G is going to be a vital cog, as we are still not clear how the situation will change in the future and if these changes will have new requirements. Though one thing is certain, the demand for fast, reliable internet connections is going to grow.  On a concluding note, it is pretty clear how 5G can help us work from home for a long time to come.

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