Is 5G Really as Fast as it Should Be?
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5G cell phone technology is considered to be the fastest download on your latest smartphones. But is 5G really as fast as it should be?

Recently carried out tests suggest speeds clocked on 5G are roughly around the same as 4G LTE. In a report published by WhistleOut, we get a picture of 5G speeds across the United States.

Major carriers are rolling out 5G networks across the US, but you might get disappointed to know the truth. The report reveals 5G speeds vary from city to city across the US.

While Minneapolis, MN comes second being one of the top ten amongst smaller cities. Wichita, Kansas offers the best 5G connectivity in the US with over 99% coverage from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

The report further reveals 5G coverage maps do not mean they deliver fast speeds. As far as coverage is concerned cities such as New York and Los Angeles ranked 29th and 49th even though they have poor coverage, the close network of mmWave hotspots across the cities ensures faster speeds.

Top 10 Best U.S. Cities for 5G Coverage

  1. Wichita, KS
  2. Minneapolis, MN
  3. Cincinnati, OH
  4. Little Rock, AR
  5. Aurora, CO
  6. Indianapolis, IN
  7. Baton Rouge, LA
  8. Columbus, OH
  9. Elk Grove, CA
  10. St. Louis, MO

Top 50 Best U.S. Cities for 5G Coverage

RankingCityAT&T 5G CoverageVerizon 5G CoverageT-Mobile 5G Coverage
1Wichita, KS99.97%99.25%99.24%
2Minneapolis, MN85.83%97.02%98.96%
3Cincinnati, OH96.51%97.57%98.08%
4Little Rock, AR91.60%97.88%97.69%
5Aurora, CO92.07%96.46%98.95%
6Indianapolis, IN97.85%96.48%98.12%
7Baton Rouge, LA88.57%99.91%94.22%
8Columbus, OH99.80%97.23%96.47%
9Elk Grove, CA99.99%96.20%96.75%
10Saint Louis, MO87.16%96.79%95.70%
11Aurora, IL99.95%92.45%99.99%
12Houston, TX98.71%95.40%96.97%
13North Las Vegas, NV99.75%91.10%99.62%
14Louisville, KY89.52%94.16%96.36%
15Baltimore, MD96.40%96.20%93.22%
16Overland Park, KS95.15%97.62%91.59%
17Fort Wayne, IN99.82%99.59%88.63%
18Oklahoma City, OK92.64%88.21%99.05%
19Chicago, IL95.99%89.97%95.73%
20Denver, CO90.26%91.52%93.84%
21Birmingham, AL91.45%94.24%90.97%
22Pittsburgh, PA87.49%98.73%85.53%
23Newark, NJ95.80%95.26%88.41%
24Moreno Valley, CA92.65%90.64%92.63%
25Philadelphia, PA94.45%96.78%86.13%
26Sacramento, CA99.55%89.04%93.19%
27Modesto, CA99.32%86.03%96.09%
28Henderson, NV93.65%95.18%85.22%
29New York, NY85.33%85.07%95.18%
30Atlanta, GA93.75%96.64%82.49%
31Kansas City, MO96.22%93.43%85.69%
32Riverside, CA95.66%85.38%93.58%
33Seattle, WA84.88%91.40%93.86%
34Detroit, MI93.41%86.17%92.54%
35Jersey City, NJ96.77%81.69%96.43%
36Vancouver, WA78.88%97.61%98.98%
37Lubbock, TX97.89%80.18%95.28%
38Fresno, CA97.69%74.02%99.69%
39Saint Paul, MN78.13%97.69%94.63%
40Lexington, KY91.60%92.17%80.25%
41Washington, DC87.67%74.17%97.86%
42Fontana, CA97.79%82.26%88.78%
43Nashville, TN86.20%83.38%87.64%
44Spokane, WA92.39%79.62%89.04%
45Portland, OR73.60%95.39%94.99%
46Memphis, TN93.55%73.29%94.55%
47Rancho Cucamonga, CA78.25%86.17%88.67%
48Fort Lauderdale, FL85.57%76.20%90.16%
49Los Angeles, CA95.65%82.25%82.90%
50Anaheim, CA88.04%86.02%78.90%

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