KEBOT - An Advanced Robotic Scanning System For Hair Transplantation 
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The KE-Bot is the newest FUE innovation by Dr. Koray Erdogan, a 360 degree Advanced Robotic Scanning System For Hair Transplantation from every angle with extensive data and high definition photography.

It provides all of the necessary data needed for accurate surgery, including quality of hair and the number of hairs around the extraction site.

Additionally, the KE-Bot is an AI designed for nonmedical professionals as a cost-effective way to accurately calculate coverage values in hair transplants, taking into consideration both the donor and recipient areas.

Post-surgically, KE-Bot scans the recipient area and determines the actual number of grafts placed. With this information, KE-Bot reports accurate information about how many grafts were used, as well as how dense.

In spite of being in limited production, the KE- Bot promises to be adopted by surgeons across the world due to its extreme accuracy.

At Asmed, the best hair transplant techniques and a Manual FUE technique is used that is gentler for the donor area.

The goal of an FUE hair transplant is to be able to create a head of hair with no balding spots. To do that, the donor area needs to be used in ways that make it seem like there are no spots that are not just great. Even though you might have several sessions, it’s not noticeable to anyone but those who get close enough- they even seem slightly less dense than they were at first.

The following video illustration explains manual FUE hair transplant before & after 5500 Grafts 6.5-Month Result 
Dr. Koray Erdogan, the founder at Asmed Clinic, believes that for successful hair transplant results aftercare is just as important. The less invasive surgery has better survival rate and graft survival rate than conventional surgery.

Stop balding and get back your lost hair at the best clinics in the world.

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