KTM Will Produce an E-Duke Electric Motorcycle
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Pierer Mobility, the owner of KTM is all set to introduce its own electric counterpart as it further expands its electric lineup with an e-Duke.

KTM has confirmed it will be working on an E-Duke electric motorcycle. The Duke model has been in production since 1990, is KTM’s standard naked bike. According to KTM the E-Duke has been in development during the company’s most recent earnings report.

The company is also working on an E-Pilen electric motorcycle, so the E-Duke’s announcement should not surprise you. It will also be sharing a number of components with E-Duke. KTM Will Produce an E-Duke Electric Motorcycle-1According to Motorcycle.com, the E-Duke will be powered by a 5.5 kWh fixed battery pack, though it doesn’t quite jive with Husky’s claim of using three 1.5 kWh battery packs in the E-Pilen.

Fixed batteries cannot be removed for charging them off the bike. While removable batteries are popular with light electric motorcycles as it helps negotiate the charging location issue, with riders being able to charge anywhere they find an outlet, also their own living rooms.KTM Will Produce an E-Duke Electric Motorcycle-2The downside to removable batteries is their weight, especially the ones over 4 kWh that can be more than 50 lb (23 kg). Larger capacity means more heavy removable batteries hence fixed batteries are the way to go and directly charge them at an outlet or charging station.

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