LED Traffic Signal Lights
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LED Traffic Signal lights designed for the 21ST Century designed by Lebedev Studio will take over the makeshift detour notices and ancient traffic lights we have known for years.

Traditional traffic lights sometimes lead to human error, while faded lights at times may lead drivers and pedestrians in the wrong direction. This may result in car accidents and injuries.

The obsolete traffic light design can also prove to be difficult for people with color blindness to distinguish between red and green, stop and go.LED Traffic Signal Lights

Lebedev Studios from Moscow have developed a traffic light that can possibly fix all the problems with their modern design and advanced technological capabilities.

Currently, the LED Traffic Signal Lights are being tested in two Russian cities in a limited capacity. The traffic light is condensed into a single digital panel that runs a continuous loop of various traffic signals.

The entire fixture lights a red glow when it’s time to stop and projects an ‘X’, this gives the signal to color blind drivers to stop. In the case of a Go sign, the screen is filled with a green glow and an arrow indicates full speed ahead.LED Traffic Signal Lights Designed for the 21ST Century

The drivers can watch the countdown that’s displayed on each traffic signal and start to know when it’s time to go and when they have to slow down.

That’s not all this traffic light also has a ‘No Turn on Red,’ it has nonstandard signals also programmed, allowing drivers to know when it’s okay to turn on red among other road rules.LED Traffic Signal Lights -1

The new design on the pedestrian level is a little shorter than the traditional traffic lights. The pedestrian’s panel will also feature simple animations, these will illustrate the pedestrians when to walk across busy streets and when they should hang back to wait for traffic to pass.

LED Traffic Signal Lights will rely on a 5G connection for operation. The new traffic and detour information can be programmed remotely into traffic lights, keeping the drivers up to speed on the latest road rules.

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