LIVALL PikaBoost
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LIVALL PikaBoost conversion kit can transform your pedal bicycle into an e-bike in just 30 seconds. The best part is it will cost you only $309 for the universal add-on to give you the advantage of a motor-powered riding experience. 

LIVALL PikaBoost conversion kit clamps firmly to the seat of your bike frame above the rear wheel, which rotates it with the power of a motor. The motor is capable of intelligently detecting your speed, cadence, terrain, etc., and provides the added push whenever required. LIVALL PikaBoost_7LIVALL PikaBoost conversion kit can be all yours for just $309 $599 ($290 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $1,160,000.LIVALL PikaBoost_6E-bikes are the trendy new way to get places and because of their steep price tags, many people are reluctant to purchase them. Fortunately, there’s an inexpensive alternative that won’t set you back a fortune or require any work on your part. The PikaBoost is easy enough for a child to attach, snaps onto almost all types of bikes, and will take care of business by making your bike move automatically!LIVALL PikaBoost_5LIVALL PikaBoost conversion kit is really innovative. It can be mounted or detached from bikes on demand and provides power beyond just ‘assisting’ a rider. LIVALL’s AAR technology (Automatic Adaptive Rate) is an intelligent system of sensors and algorithms that provide more of a boost whenever needed, making your ride smarter by being able to adjust its power based on terrain or how tired you are. Meanwhile, the system recovers power through a regenerative process that turns pedaling into battery power for later use.LIVALL PikaBoost_3Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with finding your keys, pocket change, and other items hidden in dark corners or under furniture with this stylishly designed light. The perfect gift for the forgetful person in your life, the Loc8tor smart Bluetooth tracking device provides visual cues on your phone while also alerting you when an item is out of range. And at a price of only $99, it’s sure to be a welcome addition to any bag!LIVALL PikaBoost_8LIVALL PikaBoost conversion kit is a three-in-one electric bike pedal assist device, which means it’s different from other pedal assists that only offer two modes. It has the Cruise mode, which is perfect for short distances and in-city commutes. The PikaBoost will source power for your rear wheel to help you maintain your speed, gradually increasing it to give you an all-electric riding experience and reducing the speed based on your braking pattern. LIVALL PikaBoost_4There’s also Eco mode, which is best for people who love cycling but don’t have the physical strength or stamina to embark on long journeys over treacherous terrain. In Eco mode, the PikaBoost detects when you’re getting tired or when you’re biking uphill; then it provides assistance so you can take some strain off your joints and body. When going downhill, the PikaBoost switches off the motor and uses your downhill momentum to charge its batteries. LIVALL PikaBoost_1The third Exercise mode is nothing like the previous two as it provides resistance instead of assistance as with the first two modes; this level is best for advanced riders. In this third mode of assistance, the PikaBoost basically turns into a dynamo (a device that converts energy into electrical current) and converts pedaling powerLIVALL PikaBoost_2

Click Here to Buy Now: $309 $599 ($290 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $1,160,000.

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