Namecheap Will Offer Free Anonymous Hosting and  Domains Names for Any Anti-War Sites
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Namecheap, a budget web hosting provider based in Phoenix, Arizona, US will offer free anonymous hosting and domain names for any anti-war sites.

Already they have made an announcement to stop services for Russian domains. All the Russian users have been asked to migrate them to another provider, additionally, the Russian domain will become 403 ie. forbidden domains starting from March 6th.

Namecheap in a tweet on Wednesday said, “Effective immediately, we will begin offering free anonymous hosting and domain name registration to any anti-Putin anti-regime and protest websites for anyone located within Russia and Belarus. Please contact our support for details.”

Under the current circumstances, Namecheap has made a decision to provide free hostings to anti-regime organizations. Individuals or firms who want to use their services can contact them for support. They are offering assistance for it via an online ticketing system and working on providing Live support.

Namecheap has decided to protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine like many others around the world. The CEO of Namecheap is aware of the anger about its decision to ban Russian domains. Russian’s said they have many providers that can provide them the same services. 

Already many of the top-level domains have started showing 403 forbidden errors, though the company has agreed upon providing assistance in their migration process.

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