New Concrete That Could Charge your EV While You Drive
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Researchers are testing a new concrete that could charge your EV while you drive. According to Autoblog, the state of Indiana is making an effort to successfully incorporate wireless charging infrastructure into highways.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Purdue University are working together under the ASPIRE (Advancing Sustainability through Power Infrastructure for Road Electrification) initiative. Together they will work with Magment a German company to produce magnetized concrete called magment. The project will be funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The researcher will work on producing the magnetized concrete in the lab and test it on a quarter-mile section of the road. The tests conducted during the three-phase project will confirm if Magment’s product is capable of charging vehicles greater than 200 kilowatts.

According to Magment in a brochure said, it’s a perfect fit for fully automated driving and unlocking new approaches towards smart cities. Record-breaking wireless transmission efficiency with up to 95%. Aligns well for futuristic projects and technologies(hyperloops, delivery drones, flying cars). Technology transfer and replaceability and offers standard road building installation cost and more.

This will be an environmental breakthrough as it will power heavy trucks directly from the road, pollution-free and at an affordable price. Though a lot of work needs to go into it before it sees the day’s light.

There are other similar efforts underway, UK has already promised $780 million for under-road charging research. The slot car-like technology is being tested in Sweden, it contains electrified rail embedded into roads. The simplicity of Magment’s technology makes it more likely to be successful.

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