Phantom Space - A New rocket startup With Potential to Launch Rockets Half the cost of SpaceX
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Phantom Space, a new rocket startup has the potential to launch rockets half the cost of SpaceX. 

Phantom Space’s Daytona is a two-stage expendable rocket that can take cargo into space, and is the most efficient small payload rocket in the world. Thanks to the mass manufacturing techniques that make it cost effective. 

When new companies try to enter the space race, they are inevitably compared to SpaceX. SpaceX has pioneered reuse technologies that all private space industries now take into consideration.

With SpaceX setting high standards for itself, living up to people’s expectations is not easy. There will be comparisons made which may not be easy to match up with especially if the company fails to bring in some substantial product updates. 

Phantom Space’s Daytona is designed to protect satellites and spacecraft on their way to orbit so they can safely perform a number of different tasks, such as take pictures or collect data. They support a wide variety of payloads ranging from cubesats to ESPA class satellites or any other custom spacecraft.payload_daytonaAccording to Jim Cantrell, CEO and co-founder of startup Phantom Space, his company aims to outperform Elon Musk’s SpaceX when it comes to small, cost-effective payload launches.

There are 9 Hadley engines that power the first part of the journey into space. They are fueled by liquid oxygen (LOX) and rocket propellant (RP-1).single vacuum optimized Hadley EngineThe second stage contains the avionics and all necessary computing required to travel to, through, and back from space. The single vacuum optimized Hadley Engine is a high-efficiency, 3D-printed rocket engine fueled by liquid oxygen and rocket propellant.

Phantom Space’s Daytona certainly has the potential to beat SpaceX at its own game. Being cost effective and with a high performance engine you won’t be surprised to see them outperform SpaceX in the future. 

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