Quantum Batteries-Strange Technology That Could Provide Instant Power
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Taking advantage of a bizarre property of quantum mechanics called entanglement, quantum batteries could theoretically be charged in a flash. Now progress is being made to realize them.

Demetri Martin pointed out that batteries are a technology that we personify. They act just like humans do and they die. We take battery life so seriously because our lives come to a standstill when they run out of juice.

Many are skeptical of electric cars due to their long charging times. However, the only way we will make significant strides in battling climate change is by drastically reducing the amount of carbon emissions that come from transportation. There’s little hope for innovation in relation to shortening charging times, since the fundamentals of battery science haven’t changed much in recent years.

With quantum technology, batteries can last much longer and charge more quickly. Theoretical advancements suggest that a world of unlimited power is not as far away as we might think.

Source: NewScientist

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