Razer Anzu
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Razer, the world’s largest gaming-oriented brand for gamers brings new gaming glasses. These new gaming glasses – Razer Anzu feature blue light blocking properties and built-in earphones. Working overtime the engineers at Razer have managed to produce this odd-looking product for gamers.

The Razer Anzu glasses have been recently launched by the company and you can buy them online on their website.

Razer Anzu is a stylish pair of glasses with wayfarer-style round and rectangular frames. The glasses are well above the average, lightweight, and comfortable. Ideal for gamers who spend hours in front of the gaming screens or while at the beach enjoying the sun.

The new gaming glasses feature interchangeable lenses ie you can swap in and out the eyepieces. It offers you the cool option to swap between the blue light filtering lenses or polarized UV blocking.New Gaming Glasses

That’s as far as your eyes go, now if you are a music lover these eyeglasses are also equipped with inbuilt earphones. The placement of the 16 mm drivers just within the temple stems offers you perfect sound quality for your ears. Doubles up as your earphones and you can also pair Razer Anzu via Bluetooth 5.1 to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts on your phone.

Certainly offers you a cool look with the dual functionality of eyewear and earphone. No more requiring you to wear bulky headsets anymore while gaming.

The Razer Anzu also has inbuilt microphones and control a lot of stuff like playback or activate phone voice via touch area on the spectacles. You can also use the voice assistant for controls.blue-light blocking properties

The new gaming glasses are IPX4 water-resistant and are produced in partnership with Lensable. As part of the promotion, Lensabl will offer 15% off prescription lenses for Anzu buyers who require corrective lenses.

The Anzu comes with 5 hrs battery life and the power turns off when you close the glasses. It comes in two shape variants i.e. round and rectangular and shipped with a chic leather case.built-in earphones