Sentien Audio Smart Open-ear Headset
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Sentien Audio has come up with a smart open ear headset, it is a single wearable device that will combine Airpods and Neuralink. In the future, we will get to see many audio devices that will enable you to hear your favorite music without having any physical product inside your ear.

The latest smart open ear headsets offered by Sentien Audio are the first of its kind to rely on bone conducting technology. This allows you to enjoy the music without having to physically plug the earpiece in your ears.

The wearable device rests on your sideburns and sends audio vibrations to your temporal bone ie. sends it directly to your inner ear. This offers you an audio experience as if the music is coming from within your mind.

The technology offers users a rich musical experience where there is no need to plug earphones and it also blocks all external sounds. There is also no damage or fatigue caused to the eardrums due to prolonged listening as the audio bypasses the eardrums and travels directly to the inner ear.

The tech can also prove to be beneficial to people with certain hearing disabilities as they can hear again. It is sort of a hack that allows you to play music directly inside your brain.

Bone conduction audio services have been around for quite some time. It will be the first time it will be used in AirPods by Sentien Audio. The smart open-ear headset will rest around your head and against the front of each ear.

They offer you a touch-sensitive panel that allows you to tap and swipe to control the music. You can also control the music with voice commands. Sentien Audio offers a long-lasting 24-hour battery life which you don’t get to see with AirPods or any other TWS earphones.

It also features a unique titanium headband that places the headset comfortably on your head while you go around doing your work without worrying about them falling. Since you are not wearing them in your ears you are always aware and alert of the world around you.

The company claims to offer a private musical experience which was missing in the earlier bone conduction earphones. It also features two noise-canceling microphones for crystal clear calls and summoning your smartphone assistant.Airpods and Neuralink

Sentien Audio offers Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity and also supports multiple gestures. You can also program your gestures via third-party applications such as IFTTT. The device is compatible with most of the voice AI such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Bixby.

The device can work perfectly fine even in mild rain as it’s built with IP55 water and dust resistance. You can grab your own Sentient Audio for a discounted price of $299 with less than a few more days to go. The project has already managed to raise over $720,000.