Shape-Shifting Memory Material Discovered by Scientists Can Revolutionise Robotics 
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Shape-shifting memory material discovered by scientists can revolutionize robotics. This new kind of material could transform everything from jet engines to robotics.

Using a special ceramic, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) has created a “smart material” that can withstand vast temperatures and wear.

The material can change shape by up to 10%. It changes shape when it is triggered. Sometimes it’s triggered by temperature, mechanical stress, or electric and magnetic fields.

There are metal alloys that can change shape but their applications remain limited to hot products and small sizes.

Professor Schuh., who teaches in a department at MIT, talked about what he described as metal shape-memory materials that are available in the world.

When you change the shape of material down at the atomic level, bad things can happen. Atoms get rearranged and put into the wrong order, which leads to damage that may eventually cause surfaces to wear out or break.

By using all the modern techniques, science, and AI, data can be used to create a shape-shifting material.

Practical applications for their new, improved micro-scale piston are still a ways off; however, the potential for their creation is vast.

The professor found it difficult to make a hydraulic piston on a micro-scale.

With the technology of wearables shrinking to the size of microchips, it is possible that microbotics can be inserted in “small places” and become even smaller. With the mobility and flexibility of this device, robotic movements within small areas would also be possible.

The new material has been created by scientists and is published in the scientific journal Nature on Wednesday.

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