Skycart Launches World’s First Four-Drop Delivery Drone
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Skycraft launches the world’s first four drop delivery drone, Skycart Nimbus. Skycart Nimbus, the four drop unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will be able to deliver a larger payload and at faster speeds.

Skycart Nimbus operates in fully autonomous mode and is capable of delivering separate deliveries to four different locations in a single mission while on the company’s cloud network. Its payload capacity is also better than the Wingcopter 198 launched about a month ago, it is the world’s first triple-drop UAV.Wingcopter-198 Triple Drone Delivery

Skycart Nimbus flies at a maximum speed of 80mph, with a range of 100 miles and a carrying capacity of 15kg. With the advantage of carrying an additional payload, we can expect around a 75% reduction in drone traffic over single-parcel UAVs.

The Skycart Nimbus features a patented self-balancing system, it regulates shifting weight distribution during missions as cargo offloading progress. The UAV is capable of making deliveries by line, using a parachute, or placing them directly on the ground.

The Skycart Nimbus with its improved aerodynamics is able to reach higher speeds with lower emissions. While the drone sports forward canards that minimize both resistance and risk of stalling

The UAV is built to cater to urban users, is well crafted to protect the storage of goods, and has a built-in rack to facilitate loading and unloading.

According to Simon Yuen, the Nimbus UAV is valuable to the organizations serving remote communities battling the world’s multiplying health crises – especially in delivering COVID-19 vaccinations.

The drone’s design makes it easy to maintain, as broken and damaged parts can easily be replaced. It also features redundant processors, sensors, fail-safes, and an emergency recovery system.

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