SpaceX Produces Landmark Number of Starlink Terminals
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According to Elon Musk, SpaceX produces a million Starlink terminals, this will give its satellite internet business a significant boost. They started accepting preorders just 19 months ago.

With the new satellite internet, you can access high-speed internet even in remote parts of the world. Fiber or cellular network-based connections require infrastructure to connect to last mile services; however, satellite internet relies on constellations of satellites that connect directly to deliver internet service from the skies.

Launching these satellites sounds great, but the company needs to work on the regulatory details before it can launch.

What has SpaceX been up to in private space exploration?
Elon Musk’s SpaceX has an edge over other companies because they have considered more than 3,000 satellites and they currently have 2,500 operational. While another 500 satellites are nearing their operational orbits. These features have allowed the company to offer commercial services.

The company has received authorization to launch 12,000 satellites, and they are already seeking permission to launch an additional 30,000. These moves reflect the increasing popularity of SpaceX’s service, which is above 500,000 users.

Elon Musk has confirmed that over one million of these terminals have been made, consisting of a receiving dish, a router, and connecting wires that provide the internet to interested users.

SpaceX’s attempt to create the world’s first satellite-based global broadband service is commendable. In just 19 months, they’ve gotten 500,000 people to pre order ($1,000 each) for the new service which will launch in 2020 and could give billions of people internet access.

Benefits of using Starlink Terminals
Back in January 2020, Starlink’s services were available only to people within the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., and Mexico. Today, their services have spread across all six continents of the world.

A Starlink terminal can now be found at McMurdo, the U.S. research station in Antarctica. The terminal was installed on April 4th, but that wasn’t its first time making waves. Teslarati reported how this particular terminal has been responsible for providing secure internet in conflict-ridden areas and more.

As reported last week, Starlink is now providing services in Iran after the internet services have been shut off by the government. The government has also started efforts to block satellite internet services, so it will be a more difficult endeavor for Starlink.

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