SpaceX Struggles To Maintain Starlink Launch Cadence
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SpaceX ramps up its Starlink service, but is throttling back for some. The StarLink internet service was applauded for its fast speeds when it first went into beta. However, according to Ookla’s internet speed test site, the more people use the service, the slower it gets.

PC gamer reports that download speeds have slowed down for the Starlink game, due to congestion.

SpaceX seeks to maintain launch cadence

Median download speeds are dropping in every country because more people are using the service. The median speeds are decreasing between five and 54%.

The median download rate for the United States dropped from over 90 Megabits per second to about 62.5 Megabits per second. Similar rates were seen in the other countries surveyed.

SpaceX’s increased launch pace may cause problems. With more satellites flying around, it could affect the quality of their internet service.

Scientists use the argument that there will be a major adverse impact on the environment from the deployment of Starlink, claiming the GPS coverage and weather forecasting that satellites provide can be inhibited.

The recent surge in SpaceX’s stocks though has been attributed to the Starlink project. The company says that by funding its Starship program, it will eventually colonize Mars.

Why is SpaceX struggling with the Starlink Launch Cadence?

Due to the increasing numbers of users, Starlink has slowed down. This means that more and more people are using their service, which is arguably a good problem for SpaceX to have. However, it’s also possible that this problem is caused by the influx of comments from users on social media about the speed of their service.

It appears that there is a wide-spread problem with slow speeds for Starlink. Customers can expect Starlink speeds to be <60 Mbs, rather than the originally advertised 100-200 Mbs.

The sky is going to get so full of planes in the coming months and years because this technology is going to be available everywhere.

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