Starlink's New Rectangular Dish With an IP54-rated WiFi Router
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Starlink’s new rectangular dish with an IP54-rated WiFi Router with a built-in Ethernet port and is lighter and smaller with new mounting accessories. The new rectangular dish will be available only for United States customers as of now. 

Starlink started the beta program almost a year ago where the users were limited to a 23-inch-wide, 16-pound circular dish that came with a WiFi router with all the necessary cables. With the launch of the new dish, everything will change in terms of shape, size, and specifications.

Starlink’s New Rectangular Dish will be 12 inches wide and 19 inches long and weighs about 9.2 pounds. This means it will not only be smaller but also lighter. This makes it more convenient for those users trying to mount it in certain areas. 

It also offers a number of mounting options enabling users to install it on a side wall, a roof, or even on a pipe or a ground pole.

Additionally, the new Starlink hardware kit comes with a 3×3, MU-MIMO WiFi router with an IP54 rating (water-resistant). Starlink claims it’s configured for “indoor use.” The power supply of the new router is integrated within and doesn’t have a built-in Ethernet port. Though users can acquire an Ethernet adapter through Starlink’s shop.Starlink's New Rectangular Dish With an IP54-rated WiFi Router-1Starlink’s new rectangular dish is priced at $499, and it’s most likely Starlink is selling them at a loss. According to Gwynne Shotwell, President Starlink, the new kits cost less than $1,500, adding that SpaceX “just rolled out a new version that saved about $200 off the cost.”

Currently, the new user terminal kit is available for all users in the United States, but considering the wait times, it may take some time before customers get their hands on the new dish.

Earlier Elon Musk did mention Starlink officially launching in October, marking the end of the “Better Than Nothing Beta” program. We are already midway into November and still no sign of the satellite Internet service.

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