Uber’s Eats Joins Hands with Nuro autonomous delivery vehicles for Eats deliveries
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Uber’s Eats customers will soon be able to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered by Nuro autonomous delivery vehicles. The 10-year deal between the two companies was put in place for commercial use.

The partnership to deliver fast food and self-driving cars will start in Houston, Mountain View, California and eventually expand to other areas such as the greater Bay Area.

Nuro has recently struck partnerships with high profile companies such as Walmart and Kroger. However, this latest deal is a sign of Nuro’s escalation in their commercial efforts.

Nuro position in the budding autonomous vehicle industry, is one of the few companies to acquire all the approvals and permits to operate an autonomous vehicle delivery service in California and will receive a fee for every autonomous delivery made for Uber.

Customers will be charged the same amount for their Uber eats order regardless of if it’s a Nuro bot or a human driver, saving them money. If customers preselect for the tip, it will be refunded if they get their own food delivered by a Nuro.

Uber created a supply chain management system that integrates autonomous delivery vehicles. This technology will maximize economic efficiency and minimize negative community impacts.

This partnership, in its first years, will help both companies identify where the best uses of the AI system are.

Nuro, a company that specializes in delivering AV services, has evidence-based data about the impact of traffic. They use this data to determine where demand for AV services is weak, and where it exceeds expectations.Nuro autonomous delivery vehiclesNuro automates deliveries. They start with the R2, but this vehicle can’t shuttle people as a sidewalk bot.

The R2, and its upcoming third-generation vehicle, is meant to carry packages from place to place.

The R2 is designed to give the driver a 360-degree view of their surroundings. The autonomous car is also made in the U.S, and will be released in late 2023. It has customizable storage and temperature controlled compartments, to keep drinks warm or cool.

A supplier, BYD North America, will assemble the hardware for Nuro’s third-generation product. Then, the bots will head to Nuro’s end-of-line manufacturing facility in southern Nevada and be readied for deployment.

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